Friday, 8 May 2020

The Precious

In September 2018 I started a new job. Of all the things that attracted my attention when I explored the cupboards in my new office, one item stood out in particular - or rather two things because the carefully curated wine selection also grabbed my attention -  but the blister pack of unused Yubikeys glinted gold and looked shiny and precious.

I could do something with those I thought; maybe in a week or two when I get settled in. Turns out I had a lot to learn. Things got intense.

I became the head of the team and was learning new things every day for over a year. I came home from work exhausted from managing human beings. I went to bed early and slept like a baby every night. When I very occasionally dreamt, I dreamt of doing something technical; something involving Yubikeys.

Months past.

When the COVID-19 crisis was kicking off, the government announced on a Monday evening that movement restrictions would apply from lunch-time the following day. As I was going to be working from home for months to come I made up a list of things I needed to get from the office - and I did honestly need them (comfortable headset, USB smartcard reader, 4G wifi router for backup connectivity, ...). But when I dashed into the office on that Tuesday morning there was only one critical item on my list - the Precious.

It's been 19 months and the shiny objects have finally had their way. I'm going to publish a series of posts over the coming days about things I've been doing with the Yubikeys. It's not going to be deep crypto and development level, but more how to get up and running with open-source off the shelf tools. It's my token offering to the cybers. 

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